About us and our company


Passion for antique silver has been in our DNA for 20 years. A hobby that is becoming more and more fun and ultimately results in this webshop.

On December 1, 2023, we registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the name Zilverwebsite.nl. 2 months earlier we had started creating and filling the webshop with our items and jewelry that we had collected over the years.

Through our webshop we try to convey our passion for antique silver, where every item is different, to other people. Antique items and jewelry that were made with a lot of love and patience by a silversmith in times gone by. They bear the signs of the times, but that's the beauty of it, go back in time, sympathize and share the love for silver with us.


After placing an order, the item is packaged very carefully so that it can withstand the journey.

We ship in blank boxes, this ensures discreet shipping.

From €49.95, every order within the Netherlands will be shipped free of charge by registered mail.